For individuals who have had dental decay or fracture that leave a partially broken tooth, fillings may be able to fix the remaining structure. Filling a cavity will not only restore the original size and shape of the damaged tooth, it will prevent infection and further damage. Once a cavity is removed, the tooth structure is weakened and more prone to infection that can cause periodontal or “gum” disease. Getting a filling for the damaged tooth can restore function and alleviate the pain associated with a cavity. A tooth can be filled either with a silver metal alloy or with a composite resin that will match the color of the existing teeth.

A simple filling can help to prevent further damage to the tooth itself as well as to the rest of the mouth. A damaged tooth can cause a great deal of pain and can cause added pressure to the other teeth in your mouth when eating. A dental filling can help restore function to a damaged tooth and help you to restore normal eating habits.

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