Dental implants are tiny screw-like posts that are inserted into the jawbone during a minor surgical procedure. Dental implants are often used to support full or partial dentures and ensure teeth do not slip around. Dental implants stay hidden below the gum line and look and feel like real teeth.

Some patients suffer tooth loss from decay and gum disease or as a result of injury, cancer and other natural causes. Losing teeth can cause your facial appearance to change over time as your mouth’s structures shrink and adapt. Ignoring missing teeth will eventually cause bone loss, resorption and possible drifting of other teeth in your moth.

There are multiple options for patients who are missing teeth. Implants, fixed bridges, partial dentures. Recommended treatment depends on the cause and extremity of the problem. At Atwood Prosthodontics, we take the time to go over your options and review the best solution for your long-term satisfaction.

Multiple teeth can be replaced with bridgework or dentures, often supported by implants. Using dental implants in combination with crowns or bridges gives your teeth a natural, comfortable feel not possible with other solutions.

A qualified prosthodontist can make custom-made replacement teeth (crowns), place a fixed or implant supported bridge, or use a partial removable denture option to replace the missing teeth. Consulting with a Prosthodontist will help you decide which solution is best for you and help you to plan for the best long-term treatment option.

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