Oral Cancer

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About oral cancer and prosthodontics

The effects of oral cancer can be devastating and cause significant damage to the gums, tongue, lips, cheeks, bottom of the mouth, roof of the mouth or hard palate.

The use of a prosthetic obturator can significantly improve the look and functionality of the mouth, gums and teeth. An obturator is much like a retainer without the front wires and can replace missing portions of the mouth and palate. This helps patients speak, eat and drink after oral surgery also known as a “maxillectomy.”

Major technological advances have occurred in recent years, thereby facilitating the use of dental implants and significantly improving the restoration of the oral and craniofacial region. To ensure optimal care, it is important to see an experienced prosthodontist who is educated in restoration and the continued maintenance necessary for patients managing oral cancer.

Dr. Atwood is well-versed in the management of oral cancer, the benefits of emerging interventions and the oral function assessment. Our step-by-step process is designed to determine which strategies are most effective for your rehabilitation.

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